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Guitar Repair

We can do anything from a string change, to a set up (neck adjustment, intonation, string height adjustment), to minor fret work, to minor electronic repair (pot, jack, pickup replacement.  Cleaning those crackling tone pots.)

Band Instrument Repair

 We are the only band instrument repair shop in the Northwest region of the Nebraska panhandle.

Our professionally trained tech is skilled in all brass, woodwind and percussion instrument  repairs and service.  Bring in your student’s band instrument to be sure it’s in top shape.

Orchestra Instrument Repair

We repair all stringed orchestral instruments.

Anything from a string change, to a sound post replacement or setting, to a bridge or saddle replacement, to minor body repairs.

Consulting & Lessons

Sound and lighting Consulting

Rich has 25 years of experience in the field of sound reinforcement.  He has set up and installed PA and lighting systems for schools, churches, clubs and other many other indoor and outdoor venues with the right equipment to suit their needs.  Rich can also set up your band with the right PA and/or lighting system.


Jeni offers guitar lessons at just $15/lesson for 1/2 hour. An experienced musician, and accomplished lead guitar player for a number of bands throughout the years, she’s got the expertise to help you or your student get started with a good foundation.

For our Alliance customers, Shon Townsend, manager and accomplished guitar player, offers guitar lessons at reasonable rates. He also has the expertise and experience to help you create a great foundation to build your guitar playing journey upon.

Rental & Financing

Band & Orchestra Instrument Rental

Our Rent to Purchase Agreement gives your child the opportunity to start band with a quality instrwnent. It allows you flexibility by giving you the time to know if your child will continue to play.

* Low Monthly Payments
* Rent Applies Towards Purchase
* Early Payoff Discounts
* No Interest
* Return or Exchange Anytime During Rental Period
* Quality Name Brands
* Cash Discounts
* We stand behind your instrument with our reputation for prompt and dependable repairs

The rent payment applies towards purchase. If you decide to return the instrument, simply return it to the store. If your payments are current, the Rent to Purchase Agreement will be canceled and no further payments will be due.
During the first 90 days you can pay off your New Instrument and get a 20% -30% cash discount or your Used Instrument at a 15% cash discount of balance. Any time after the 90 days you can pay off your remaining balance at a 15% cash discount.

Click here to download our full Rental Information and Agreement form, or give us a call for more details.

We Finance!

Get your Crossroads Music credit card, and go home with your new instrument today! We’ve teamed up with Synchrony Financial and select Brands including Roland, Taylor and more to offer financing promotions including Deferred Interest, Reduced Interest and even No Interest.

Brand specific financing promotions. Roland, Taylor and Yamaha offer periodic financing specials. Contact us to find out what’s this month’s specials are.

It’s easier than ever to apply. Just come on down to the store and fill out your application. We’ll run it and in a matter of minutes, we’ll have an answer on your approval.

Credit not great? No problem. We also offer the option of applying with a co-applicant.

With specials like 0% financing happening throughout the year, you can’t go wrong. Come on down and get started today!